Wood-look tile


Affordable hardwood appearance with wood-look tile

Have you heard of the new wood-look tile systems? Perhaps not, as this is newer technology hitting the flooring market. It fills an important void for those have wished they could bring the natural beauty of a wood floor into their homes or offices, but were set off by the price of traditional hardwoods. With these new flooring options, you can have all of the many benefits of a hardwood floor, without the high price, using our wood-like tile systems, available at All Floors of Orlando.

Wood-look tile looks like, well...wood!

Until you actually see our line of wood-look tiles, you may not fully understand just how remarkably authentic they are when compared to traditional wood planking. The manufacturing process used to create these wonderful tiles uses HD Inkjet to replicate the unique patterns found in natural wood. In addition, we carry a selection of unusual designs such as Smoke, Juta, and Dust. This is unlike anything that was produced a decade ago, and it is one of the major reasons so many consumers are now opting for wood-look tile over traditional hardwood.

Because there are so many different and unique variation available, consumers are able to use these tiles to enhance any décor. This means that you can now finally design that special room or space as you want, and not be hobbled by a limited flooring selection.
Wood- look Tile Flooring in Orlando FL from All Floors of Orlando

Wood-look tile is tough!

At All Floors of Orlando, we carry the Tesoro line of wood-look tiles. These products have been rated from medium to heavy in terms of the foot traffic that they can handle. This makes them a great option for both residential use and commercial use. Because of their high-quality, you can enjoy their beauty for years.

Why not come by our showroom and see for yourself how All Floors of Orlando can help you with your new flooring needs. If you live in the Windermere, Oviedo, Winter Garden, or Altamonte Springs area, we are just a short drive away. One of our experienced sales personnel will be happy to show you our wood-look tile selection.