Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

When you choose a vinyl floor, you'll find complete waterproof protection as a benefit. It's a great way to protect bathrooms and kitchens, but it does more.

These floors offer added features that make them perfect in every room. And complete protection from water damage brings great peace of mind as well.

Which vinyl floors are waterproof?

All vinyl floors offer waterproof protection, including luxury vinyl and vinyl sheet. Vinyl is completely waterproof, and core components make it even better.

You'll hear about WPC and SPC, wood, and stone plastic composites as you search for the perfect vinyl floor. These core layers help ensure your floors won't buckle, warp, or split.

What are the benefits of waterproof flooring?

With a waterproof floor in your home, you'll have complete peace of mind again water damage. In addition, you're protected from spills, leaks, dampness, and humidity.

And you'll even find that flood conditions are no match for these floors. But that's not all these floors do for you.

Stunning visuals and decor matching

If you need an impressive decor match, these floors perfectly fit every room. In addition, there are extensive appearance options in a vinyl floor choice.

Choose from materials that mimic all-natural products like wood, tile, and stone. Or choose a more graphic and decorative surface for bright, fun areas.

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